Our Wonderful Story!

Hello! My name is Amy. I'm 34 years old :) I have two beautiful children called Katie & Thomas and I am completely smitten with their Daddy!! We all live in our lovely home with our dog, Paddy, in the most beautiful part of the world. North Wales. Just 2 minutes from the beach and half an hour from Snowdonia. I love being happy. It's my aim in life, to be happy, content and very smiley, like real smiley, not the pretend smiley.... full on happiness on my face! I love anything pretty. If it has hearts on it, or stars, then I want it! I am a massive chocolate lover, cocktail sipper, tea drinker, cake muncher, ice cream devourer! 

I love to design and create prints and greetings cards to make others smile. If you love your job, it isn't a job at all. I started this journey because I couldn't find Nain & Taid cards that were just right for my Mum and Dad from my children, so we made our own! And so began our greetings card collections! 
In 2019 I was lucky enough to be able to jump in, feet first and make this my full time job. The best decision I have ever made. I am the luckiest girl in the whole world.
I went on to win North Wales Young Business - Small Business of the Year 2019!
This was such a HUGE confidence boost, I couldn't believe that I, Amy, had the ability to do that. And my business has grown and grown ever since. I have been primarily using Etsy to sell direct, but before then I used platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to grow my business which were brilliant.
And so my journey continues, and I can't wait!!

I am a proud supporter of Prostate Cancer UK, in adoring memory of my incredible Dad, Neill. My number 1 supporter forever. I strive to make him the proudest man in Heaven.